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If you are interested in acquiring a vehicle direct from an auto auction in the United States and don’t want to deal with a dealership? We can help. We have years of experience in purchasing auction purchases and forwarding the car to whatever global location you choose. Why not cut the middleman out and save both time and money?

When you partner with Vehicle International Shipping to purchase a car from a US auto auction, you are working directly with the company that will purchase and ship your car directly to any location, worldwide. We have the ability to purchase cars directly from American auto auctions and dealers.

Whether we are physically going to an auction or attending an online auction, we utilize a competitive bidding process, which can save you both time and money. These systems are created so that only registered and authorized buyers can view and purchase vehicles. In most cases, these auctions or at least the vehicle is online which means that there is detailed information with multiple photos for each car which gives us great knowledge before we make the decisions. When purchasing cars, an informed buyer is a powerful buy. Let us do the work for you. Combine this service with International Hauler and you are the winner every time!

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