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Any time you move your car across the country or across the world, you are going to have questions that need answered. Here at Vehicle International Shipping we strive to answer those questions to the best of our ability using our vast experience in International Hauler. Below are questions that we receive on a regular basis. If you do not find the information you're looking for below, feel free to contact us using the Contact link listed above.

  • Faq Answer #1

    It depends on where you are going. For Domestic transport (inside the US) use the following guidelines:
    East Coast to West Coast – anywhere from 7-14 days
    Midwest to East Coast/West Coast – anywhere from 5-8 days
    The rule of thumb for auto transport inside the USA is anywhere from 1 to 14 days, it all depends availability and location of an auto shipper compared to where your car is. Keep in mind that it is impossible for any auto shipping company to give you an exact time because of a number of factors. Again, this is for transport inside of the United States. When we are talking about Vehicle International Shipping, the answer is it depends on several factors.

  • Faq Answer #2

    If you hear this term, it will probably refer to domestic auto transport. The term door to door typically means that a truck will get as close to your front door as he can. There are 2 possible roadblocks to this. The first is local laws and restrictions (home owners association) that prohibit trucks in residential areas. The second is a safety issue. Some pickup and delivery locations are in an area that is not conducive to the massive auto transport trucks that we may use. Things like narrow streets, low-hanging trees, speed bumps or tight turns can cause major issues with trucks and cars. In these cases, your driver may contact and recommend an alternate location, such as parking lot or wide open locations. When it comes to International Transport, door to door is more challenging because of variance of international laws, customs clearance and other unforeseen regional issues.

  • Faq Answer #3

    The International Move company that is handling your Transport is a great place to start. Understand that once your vehicle is in transit, there are obvious challenges.

  • Faq Answer #4

    It depends on several factors. We recommend that you speak to a Vehicle International Shipping specialist in our office.

  • Faq Answer #5

    In most cases, cash, money orders, major credit cars, cashier check and money orders are accepted. If you are using a personal or business check please call your International Ship specialist.

  • Faq Answer #6

    We recommend that you speak to a International Move specialist in our office.

  • Faq Answer #7

    Make sure that the damage is documented on the Bill of Lading (or other Vehicle International Shipping documentation) and call your International Hauler specialist.

  • Faq Answer #8

    The earlier the better. Understand that International Transport uses ocean going vessels to move your car from country to country and this can take a long time. We recommend that you call Vehicle International Shipping and speak to a International Transport specialist as soon as possible.

  • Faq Answer #9

    There are various Transport documentation and loading fees that vary depending on what country you are going to and from. Be aware that doing Vehicle International Shipping by container carries higher fees than that of roll-on roll-off.

  • Faq Answer #10

    Vehicle International Shipping recommends an International Driver's License through an Automobile Association. If you are traveling to Europe, your state issued driver's license will be adequate. Regardless of your International Ship destination, you should be able to use your state issued plates until they expire. At that time you will need to renew them in your country of residence.

  • Faq Answer #11

    Every country has different regulations and laws. We recommend that you contact the local embassy before International Move. In many cases, returning citizens or foreign buyers may be subject to import duties and taxes during Transport.

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