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Vehicle International Shipping has years of experience at Shipping. This experience has caused us to be one of the highest rated Move companies because of our high value on customer service. A search of the Internet for Hauling will show that there are many options when it comes to Vehicle International Shipping and Shipping. Don’t make the mistake many others have made when looking for a Move company. Not all Hauling companies handle the move like Vehicle International Shipping. Just because someone says that they specialize in Hauling does not mean they do the job the same. We know that you have many options when you are looking for a Shipping specialist; we also believe that with Vehicle International Shipping, you are choosing the best.

Because trucks don’t run directly to Alaska, we handle Shipping similar to International Hauler. There are laws and regulations that apply to Move just like those of International Ship . During Hauling, we can assist you with all Shipping paperwork and applications. We also can help you understand all Move terms and requirements. Our network of auto transport companies in the United States means that we can pickup your car from any location within the lower 48 states, move it to the appropriate port and hand all Hauling export and customs headaches that may arise. At Vehicle International Shipping, knowing how to move a car is not enough, we strive to do it and communicate with you along the way.

When it comes to Shipping, you have a couple options. The first is the most common Hauling mode. It is called RORO. That means Roll On Roll Off and it is simple and cost effective way when it comes to Shipping. With RORO Move, your vehicle is rolled (driven) directly into the cargo area of a ship and secured to the floor. This keeps your car safe from the elements and is the cheapest way to get your car to Alaska but does not allow personal items to be loaded in the car.

The second way to get your car to Alaska is via Hauling container. Shipping inside a container is more expensive because you have a private container that your vehicle is placed in. You can use the space inside the container however you desire, which means that you can load it up with personal effects. From there is is off to Alaska after the Move shipping company secures your container to the ship.

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